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Connecting people and knowledge
Care institution in Amsterdam region
2012/2013 - Efficiency and sociality go well together in this up-to-date intranet. Through interviews and workshops with key users in the organisation a balanced and user friendly concept has been created.
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The librarian and the future
CI: Curriculum Illusione
2011 - Use an interactive timeline and inspiring questions to visualize your future as librarian and the library of the future. The CI (Curriculum Illusione) is the mirror of the CV (Curriculum Vitae) and is used to trigger the imagination and stimulate the thinking.

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Search and navigate the archive
Casco - Office for Art, Design and Theory
2009/2010 - Find your way in the extensive archive of Casco, using the Smart Search or the helpfull filters. This site presents you a complex and dynamic archive in a simple and intuitive way. Co-production with Laurenz Brunner, Julia Born and Luna Maurer.

Interactive memorial
Cemetery de Nieuwe Ooster, Amsterdam
2009 - Two wooden cubes equipped with mobile phones and speakers allow visitors of memorial night 'Herinnering Verlicht' to commemorate their deceased loved ones. Co-production with Kathrin Hero.

Publish your own Mini documentary
on (in)formal urban development
2009/2010 - Urbaninform is a unique tool that enables you to publish a 'Mini documentary' of your project. With the online recorder you can upload images and record your voice explaining the images. The result is an inspiring platform for discussion and mediation. Co-production with Luna Maurer. Part of 4th IABR.
Displayed at MOMA NEW YORK until 03-01-2011

Until now:
You & Me

Nederlands Uitvaart Museum Tot Zover
2008 - With the dynamic monument 'Until now: You & Me' you can memorise the special relationship between the deceased (You) and those who are left behind (Me). Add pictures, memories and colors and create with each other an on line and phyical monument. Co-production with Kathrin Hero.

Write and see your future
CI: Curriculum Illusione
2006/2007 - Use an interactive timeline and inspiring questions to write and visualize your future; CI (Curriculum Illusione) is the mirror of your CV. The ultimate goal is -of course- your happiness! This unique web experience is supported by Mediafonds.

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Match and share your future
CI: Walhalla
2007 - Finished writing and visualising your ideal future? Enter Walhalla: home for those slain gloriously in battle. Search and find other CI's, get inspired and get in touch!

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First die and then see Naples

First die and then see Naples!
CI: printed matters
2007 - Postcards from Naples to raise awareness for the project. And did you know that you can print out your future life on paper and keep it safe in your own personal folder?

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Search & find a place to live or work
Housing association Ymere
2007 - Interaction design and visual design concept of the corporate website of Ymere. Potential buyers or renters search a home or workspace via an interactive map of the city.

Stories & hotspots
Interactive story telling for Heemskerk
2005 - A highly interactive website with stories written and published by the community of Heemskerk. Check also the hotspots in the photo's!
The site matches stories that share keywords, making it easy to browse in a meaningfull way.

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Jewish Monument
International Institute for Social History
2002/2005 - This site provides an information system and a monument in one. It is primarily meant for the surviving relatives of Dutch Jews deported during the Second World War. Relatives will be able to retrace their friends and family and can also contribute to the documentation and historiography.

On line banking
2001/2002 - New design concept for, the 2nd most visited website in Europe for on line banking. The site offers tailor-made content and possibilities to personalize. The site has award-winning usability and design.
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Amsterdam east on line
Interactive story telling in a neighborhood
2003 - The 'Amsterdams Historisch Museum' and 'Buurt on line' initiated an exhibition and a website for Amsterdam East and its people. The site matches stories that share keywords, which allows the visitor to browse the stories intuitively.

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Architectural walk
Zwarts and Jansma Architects
2003 - This site brings projects together that share keywords. A navigation in themes is not necessary, giving maximum freedom to the user and content owner. The grid is very strict but allows automatic resizing of the project pictures.
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Stories from the past
Interactive story telling for Stichting Tijdgeest
2003 - Elderly people recount their pasts on line; this site links their stories together by using shared keywords. A hierarchical navigation is not necessary; the site generates links to matching stories. Stories are added continuously, so any two visits are never the same.

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Stories & hotspots

Who is Brinka

Brinka is:
Marije ten Brink
Haarlemmerweg 8c
(voormalig Stadsdeelkantoor Westerpark)
1014BE Amsterdam

Working experience  Curriculum Vitae

since september 2003
Brinka, Amsterdam.

since september 2003
Lecturer interaction design at the course Interactive Media of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA).

january 2009 - june 2009
Lecturer interaction design at the course Information and Interactive Media Design (IIMD) of art academy Artez, Arnhem.

january 2001 - september 2003
Senior designer at Mediamatic, Amsterdam.
Responsibilities include design concepts, interaction design, graphic design, client presentation and project leading.

july 2000 - january 2001
Free lance designer/consultant at Philips Design, Eindhoven.

february 1998 - january 2000
Senior graphic designer at Philips Design, Eindhoven.
Responsibilities include design and development of (Philips) brand, corporate-, packaging- and retail design, participate in future concepts workshops, client presentations.

january 1992 - february 1998
Graphic designer, Studio Olykan, Amsterdam.
Clients including KPMG, GVB, Het Parool, Trouw, Bank of Tokyo, Elsevier and Gemeentelijk Grondbedrijf. Responsibilities include graphic design, identity design, client presentation and (financial) planning.

january 1992
Bachelor's degree in graphic design and typography at de Utrecht School of Arts.

More projects   Brinka
City of Amsterdam Noord:
- Governmental Information System (BIS) at Revised information architecture, search functionality and interface design (2004).
- Interactive multiple-step forms for intranet. Interaction- and interface design (2006).

City of Purmerend:
- Information architecture and navigation concept (2005).
- Web 2.0 applications for intranet. Interaction- and interface design - proposal(2009).
- Digital newsletter. Visual- and interaction design.

- Series of infographics to illustrate Pharmapartners' eHealth Information Concept (2004).
- E-learning application. Interaction- and interface design (2006).

Projects for Mediamatic

- on line house style manual
- on line campaign concepts

Breed Platform Verzekerden en Werk:
- series of brochures and flyers

Ministry of Education, Culture and Science
- proposals for

Schretlen & Co